Best Coupon Weekend EVER!

This weekend Marsh was offering TRIPLE COUPONS $1 AND UNDER!!!  I had SO much fun! 

 I was at Marsh, 2 times Friday, 2 times Saturday, 2 times Sunday, and 1 Monday.  I would find more coupons I could have used every time I came home from a trip! 

I brought home about $1,000 worth of merchandise for around $150!  I bought everything from fresh produce, to cleaning products, dairy items, lunchables, breakfast sausage, snacks, 20 oz sodas…  Oh how nice it is when they triple coupons…I was having totals that would keep up with the ladies on extreme couponing!  I always wondered how they had a 96% or 101% savings…now I see!  I even had my own 93%!!  Lots of savings in the eighty percent this weekend!

My one bad experience and this is a warning to you all because I didn’t know it mattered.  Friday night I had around $250 worth of merchandise in my cart.  I was keeping very good track of my items.  I had a piece of  paper I was writing the item, total, subtracting the coupon and writing what I should pay, circling it.  Towards the end I stopped keeping exact track of what I would pay.  If I was going to pay under .75 cents for the item, I’d round-up to $1 on my grand total.  I get to the cashier and hand her my Marsh card first.  I then hand her my bags, for my five cents a piece discount, and then began putting my items on the belt.  She finishes scanning my items and was in 31 coupons in when I grab my marsh card to put it up.  She tells me she needs it she never scanned it!  She gives me my grand total of $9x.xx!!  I thought it should have been around $50!!  I pay and go to the service desk.  The man said something along the terms of, “I don’t know what to tell you other than she should have scanned your Marsh card first.”  I said, “Can you fix it?!  This is at least $40.00 we are talking about.”  He shrugged his shoulders while shaking his head No and went to answer the phone.  I was DISCOURAGED!  YES, that is STILL WONDERFUL savings, but I was showing my sister how to coupon and mad I didn’t do something right…thinking it was my fault.  I got home and studied my receipt, called a different store to ask about my suspicious and realized, the THIRTY ONE coupons she scanned BEFORE she scanned my card did NOT triple, she also did not give me my bag credit!  The next morning I went back asking them to correct the problem, they gave me $60.02 back!!!  I saw that man who would not help me a the customer service desk and that girl cashier again that weekend and avoided them.  I was not surprised to find that as another cashier was ringing me up she talked over me the whole time to the boy about her weekend.  She was a teenager so really, what I should I expect.  BUT, lets equal this out with a good experience.  While at the Marsh on 146th and 37 I had a WONDERFUL cashier.  She also was a teenager, but SO kind.  She smiled, even though the place was packed and the checkout lines were going forever.   She was excited about my total savings, talkative.  I had two orders, she also forgot to scan my marsh card until a few coupons in, but when she realized she forgot to scan it she immediately apologized and told me if I would go to customer service they would correct her mistake…hmm see the difference, it was only $12.20 at her store and she was apologetic and told me how to have it corrected.  $60.20 at the other store and I got shrugged shoulders and a brush off.  I’m not one of these people who have food and items shoved in every nook and cranny.  I don’t buy it simply because it’s cheap or free.  That may very well help determine if I will or will not buy it, but I have every intention of sharing while I do this.  I give some of my multiple coupons away and everything I buy we will eat or use or it will be donated.  I even bought cat food to donate to the Humane Society.  While I am shopping I will give coupons away as well.  This is a thrill for me.  A treasure hunt, if you will.  Some people want to keep it secret or want you to pay for their knowledge.  No, it’s free to all…you don’t need a class.  Cut coupons, call up a friend, and go save money!  If you have four of a coupon why not share one with someone who doesn’t have one?  Your rewards of smiles, kind thoughts, and the feeling you are doing good will feel much better than money in your pocket…especially saving so much on your trip anyway…why do you need more? 😉




2 Wonka Bars 2/$3 BOGO coupon

2 COLGATE sensitive 2/$7 $3 back in reward bucks, 2/.75 off coupons

Infusium $5.99 $2 back in reward bucks, $2 off coupons

3 lollipops .59 apiece, no coupon

HOT BUY BATH CARE: 4/$12 $4 REgister rewards, used 3 coupons: 1 BOGO, $1 off, .75 cent off

2 LINDT chocolate Bars 2/$3, $1 off coupon on display

1 box TRIX $1.99, .75 cent off coupon printed offline

2 glade products 2/$5 $1 back in reward bucks, $1 coupon

Saved $3 from coupon in Walgreens ad, Saved $15.50 from advertised prices, saved $18.30 with manufacturers coupons for a total savings of $36.80.  Paid $27 out-of-pocket and received $10 back in Reward Bucks and $1 in Catilina coupons