CVS-Purex, Coppertone, Deans Milk


Purchased 2 Coppertone Sunscreens special Buy 2 get $8 reward bucks.  I bought two at $9.99 a piece.  Used two $1 off coupons found at

1 Green Bag Tag .99, printed out a coupon for it at CVS

Used  $8 in reward bucks and paid $11.27 out of pocket.  received $8 in rewards bucks.

Turned around and bought:

1 Deans Milk $2.99, $1 reward buck

2 SoBe Lifewater, BOGO in store

1 Trident Vitality .99, .99 back in reward bucks*i didn’t get the reward bucks because I have reached my limit

1 bag of Lays BBQ chips on sale $1.99

2 Bottles Purex on sale $1.98 each

I used my $8 in rewards  and spent $4.08 out of pocket.  I could have brought this down but I forgot to use two coupons; 1 for $1 off SoBe Life water and .99 cent reward buck from a previous order…But there is always tomorrow!

Out of Pocket I paid $15.35, the receipts show I saved $31.70!




7 tubes of Pooh Bear Ring Pops(3 pops per tube) .24 cents a piece on clearance

3 butterfingers on sale 3/$1.55 used a 50cent off coupon cut from previous paper

3 100 grand on sale 3/$1.55 used 50 cent coupon from previous paper

1 disney scented bubbles on clearance 99 cents

1 small flower pot $1.99 no coupon

2 boxes of Turtles, $3.99 a piece no coupon

1 glade powder, 1 glade spay 2/$5, $1 register reward, 1.50 cents in coupons

1 tone body wash $3.99 with $3.00 back in register rewards

2 bags of 24 count forks clearanced to .49 cents a piece

4 bags of Hersheys Hugs Kisses (2 9oz bags, 2 12 oz bags) $1.48 a bag on clearance (VERY excited about finding this!)

All for $23.98.  got rewards back and catilina coupons 🙂



2 Wonka Bars 2/$3 BOGO coupon

2 COLGATE sensitive 2/$7 $3 back in reward bucks, 2/.75 off coupons

Infusium $5.99 $2 back in reward bucks, $2 off coupons

3 lollipops .59 apiece, no coupon

HOT BUY BATH CARE: 4/$12 $4 REgister rewards, used 3 coupons: 1 BOGO, $1 off, .75 cent off

2 LINDT chocolate Bars 2/$3, $1 off coupon on display

1 box TRIX $1.99, .75 cent off coupon printed offline

2 glade products 2/$5 $1 back in reward bucks, $1 coupon

Saved $3 from coupon in Walgreens ad, Saved $15.50 from advertised prices, saved $18.30 with manufacturers coupons for a total savings of $36.80.  Paid $27 out-of-pocket and received $10 back in Reward Bucks and $1 in Catilina coupons

WALGREENS May 23, 2011


3 Cans of Pringles 3/$4 – $1 off coupon in this past weeks Redplum

Tone Body Wash $3.99 with $3 Register Rewards

2 packages Oscar Mayer Hotdogs Buy 1 for @2.99 get 1 free, $1 off coupon last weeks paper

Glade Odor neutralizer and Glade Carpet Powder 2/$5, $1 Register Reward, coupon for $1 off 2

3 specialty lollipops, no coupon

1 Gillette Fusion Razor, $9.89, $4 coupon

1 pkg Scunchi hair ties $2, $2 register rewards

1 dog bowl, no coupon $1.99

I paid $19.57 out of pocket, received $6 in Register Rewards, saved $8.54 with advertised savings, and $12.50 from coupons.

Deals Week of May 23, 2011


Tropicana Trop 50 Juice (excludes orange) $2.99, coupon found on*hurry coupons change fast* 50cents off(doubles)=$1.99

Heinz Ketchup $1.99, in this weeks Indy Star there is a coupon for $1.00 of Heinz Ketchup = 99 cents

Irish Spring Body Wash $2.99, in last weeks paper there was a 50 cents off coupon*doubling to $1* = $1.99

Hawaiian Tropic or Banana Boat Suncare, 25% off, in this weeks indy star there are $1 off coupons for both brands

Ore-Ida Potatoes $2.79 as part of the MEGA TEN, in this weeks Indy Star there is a $1 off coupon=$1.79

Yoplait yogurt 10/$5, coupon from previous paper, 40cents off-doubles to 80cents= 10/$4.20

El Monterey Mexican $4.49 MEGA TEN, $1 off coupon= $3.39

California Pizza and appetizer $5.49 MEGA TEN, $1.25 off coupon, previous paper= $4.24

Sister Schuberts Dinner Rolls $2.29, $1.oo off coupon from previous paper = $1.29

Bob Evans Breakfast Sausage $3.49, 35 cent off coupon in this weeks Indy Star, doubles,=$2.79 coupon can also be found on near the back

Hormel Natural Choice Deli Sandwich Meat, 2/$6,  .50 cents off coupon in previous weeks paper, doubles,=2/$5

Ritz Crackerfuls $2.99, .75cent coupon previously on$2.24

Rice Krispies Cereal $1.98, $1/2 coupon in specially marked boxes of nutra grain bars= 2/$2.96


Wonka Chocolate Bar 2/$3, buy one get one free coupon in this weeks paper

Drumsticks 2/$6, $1 off coupon in previous weeks paper

Glade 2/$5, $1 Register Reward, coupon previously printed from $1.50/2 glade fabric odor eliminators

Off! Clip-On Starter $8.99, $1 instant in store coupon plus $2 off coupon found in this weeks paper=$5.99

WHEN you buy $25 worth of Hawaiian Tropic, Banana Boat, Schick , Playtex, or Edge Products in the ad, you get $10 in register rewards!

Banana Boat  and Hawaiian Tropic $7.99, both have $1 off coupons in this weeks Sunday Star.

Schick Disposable Razors, $5.99 $3/2 coupon found in previous paper

Schick Intuition Natural $8.99, $2 off coupon in previous paper=$6.99

Coppertone Sun Care $9.99, $3 Register Rewards, $1 off coupon found at PLUS get a People Style Watch Magazine for .49cents with purchase

AXE shampoo, deodorant, shower gel 3/$12, $3 in register rewards ( haven’t found a coupon, but thought it was a good deal)

Pure Silk $1.99, $1.50 register rewards=like paying .49 cents

Colgate Total or Sensitive 2/$7, coupon in this Sundays paper $1 off plus $3 register rewards= 2/$6 out-of-pocket + $3 register rewards

Infusium 23 Hair Care $5.99, $2 register rewards plus $2 coupon= $3.99 out of pocket plus $2 register rewards

Select General Mills Cereal $1.99, lots of coupons have been in previous papers, from $1/2 to .75 cents a box

Complete Multi-Purpose Solution 12 oz, $7.99, $7.99 back on register rewards= like FREE

Tone Body Wash $3.99, $3 register rewards is like paying= .99 cents!

Scunci No Damage Hair Elastics $2, $2 register rewards like paying= FREE

Gain 24 to 40 loads with Walgreens coupon $4.99, coupon from previous paper $1 off=$3.99

Edge $1.99, coupon in this weeks Sunday Paper .55 cents=$1.44


Purex $1.98, coupon for $1 off in previous paper=.98

Deans Milk $2.99, $1 rewards bucks like paying=$1.99

Pringles 3/$4, $1 off coupon from redplum= 3/$3

General Mills Cereal 3/$10 plus get a Maxwell House Coffee of International Cafe for FREE, $1/3 coupon in this weeks Sunday Star

SPEND $30 on select items and get $10 in FREE gas

Listerine $3.89, $1 reward bucks, plus $1 off coupon at

Buy 2 Hersheys Single candy bars, get 1 free, coupon from a few weeks ago had coupons buy 1 get 1 free

Coupons and Deals Week of May 16th

Saturday May 21st OLD NAVY $1 Flip Flops!!

Over the weekend I purchased a box of specially marked Nutra Grain Bars.  It had the $5 worth of breakfast coupons enclosed.


Pantene Pro-V = Buy one get one 50% off.  In the past few weeks there has been a $3 off coupon in the paper

Miracle Whip =2/$4 in this weeks paper there is a $1 off 2

Cottonelle=$1.99 in this Sundays paper coupon for .50 cents off 2 making it $3.48 for 2

Poptarts= 2/$4 coupon for $1 in specially marked boxes of nutrigrain bars making it 2/$3

Air Wick= $5.99, $2 off coupon from last weeks paper making it $3.99

Sure Deodorant= BOGO, coupon for $1 in this Sundays ad

Aussie or Herbal Essences shampoo and conditioner=2/$5.97, $2 extrabucks, 2/$3.97 , .55 cent coupon in last weeks paper

Pert Plus Shampoo=2/$5, $1 off coupon in this weeks Sunday paper

Colgate Wisp or toothpaste=2/$5, .75cent off toothpaste in this weeks coupon. .55cents off wisp on the internet

Nivea Happiness Body Wash= $4.88, $1 off coupon in this weeks paper

Don’t forget to scan your cvs card and print out the instant $3 off $10 healthcare purchase!


Air Wick 2/$5 scented oil refill, with purchase free air wick scented oil warmer and $1 off coupon in previous weeks paper

AVEENO $2 off in store, $3 off coupon from this weeks paper, purchase 3 aveeno sun products and get a free 27exposure single use camera

Nivea-25% off plus coupons in this weeks paper

Dove Men Deodorant-$3.99 get $3 in Reward Bucks, like paying .99 cents

Gillette Fusion– on sale $9.89, $5 in rewards bucks, $4 coupon in P&G saver a few weeks ago

Gillette– Buy 1 Get 1 50% off coupons: $4 off Mach 3 disposable razors, .55 cent off gel, BOGO deodorant in this weeks paper

SURE deodorant in store coupon 2/$3, plus $1 off coupon in this weeks paper

Pantene 2/$7, $1 register reward, $3 off coupon in previous paper

Cologate 2/$6, $4 register reward, .75cent off coupon in this weeks paper

OLd Spice Body Wash/Gillette-3/$10 with $3 register rewards makes it like 3/$7.  B1G1 free Old Spice Body Wash in previous weeks paper Gillette coupon in previous weeks paper


Chex/Cheerios Cereal 2/$5 use a 50cent off 1 box of chex coupon and a 75 cent off 1 cheerios coupon, both found in previous weeks paper

POP TARTS 3/$4.98, use the $1 off coupon found in specially marked boxes of nutrigrain making it 3/$3.98

ALL laundry $2.99 use a $1 off coupon found in a previous weeks paper



2 Proglide Power Fusion Gillette Razors

2 Old Spice Body Wash

1 Gillette Body Wash

3 small bags of m&ms

3 snack bags of Indiana Popcorn

all for a total of $13.10 and $5 in Register Rewards!


1 carton of eggs (no coupon)

1 package Hillshire Farm Turkey (manager special no coupon)

1 Dog food (manager special, no coupon)

1 Coffee Cake (manager special, no coupon)

1 Box Cake Mix (no coupon)

8 Kraft BBQ sauce (8 .45 cent off coupons, “doubled” making them free)

1 container Icing (.50 cent off coupon previous week Sunday paper)

1 Kens Dressing ( $1 off coupon from last weeks Sunday paper)

4 Power Bars (2 BOGO coupons)

1 box Moms Best Nature Cereal (.75 cent off coupon from website)

1 box Rozoni Pasta ($1 off coupon in this Sunday Star)

1 Silk Almond Milk (on special, $1 off coupon from a box of nutrigrain bars)

At a sixty some percent savings I spent only $12.95.  I saved $9.75 with manufacturers coupons, $1.52 due to them “doubling” some coupons, $9.64 with the Kroger Plus Card for a total savings of $20.91

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