Today’s Shopping Trips Meijer/Marsh

Today I cashed in on some of my Mega Bucks I earned last week with Marsh’s Mega Sale.  I bought lots of meat, two boxes of crackers, a package of cookies, and a large bag of dog food and paid less than a dollar out-of-pocket.  The best part is I get to go shop again this weekend with the rest of my mega bucks!


I went to Meijer to buy the deal I previously posted but they were out of the pasta boxes so I got a little creative instead. 

I bought:

3 tubs of country crock butter 3/$4 I used two coupons for .40 cents off which each doubled

4 boxes of Drumsticks 4/$12, automatically get $3 off for spending $12 and I used 2/$1 off coupons

2 bottles of A1 Sauce I used 2/$1 off coupons and 1 mperks coupon for $1/2 bottles

1 bottle of A1 Marinade I used 1 $1 off coupon

8 ears of sweet corn, FREE when you buy 3 A1 products

4 boxes of Danimals Crush cups on sale $1.89 a piece.  I had 4/$1 off coupons

3 boxes of Danin-n-os on sale $1.88 a piece, I used 3 $1 coupons PLUS when you spend $10 on Dannon yogurt you get a $2 off your next shopping trip coupon.

I spent just a few cents over $20!


Meijer 10/$10

Meijer is having it’s 10/$10 11th item Free sale.  I have compared my coupons to the sale items and will be going to get the following(remember you can get 11 items for $10 or in my case 22 items for $20):

12 Boxes of Suddenly Pasta Salad boxes ( I have 6 coupons for .50cents off 2 boxes.  The coupons will double)  I will pay $6 for these 12

3 bottles of Mentos gum (I have a $1 off 3 coupon) I will pay $2 for 3 bottles

4 Boxes of Pizza Rolls ( I have a .50cent off 4 boxes coupon, it will double) I will pay $3 for the 4 boxes

1lb Strawberries (no coupon) I will pay $1

1 organic baby cut carrots Free as one of my 11th items

1 orange bell pepper Free as my 2nd “11th item”

For all 22 items I will pay a total of $12 before tax!

Speaking of Meijer, I heard rumor that the mperks meijer offers will be used as store coupons meaning you can add your manufactures coupons on top of that.  I called today and it was confirmed by a manager.  You can get very good deals with this!  In this Sundays paper there were $1 off A1 sauce coupons, mperks is offering $1 off 2 bottles of A1.  Many coupons found on mperks are also on  You can print the coupons from and add the mperks coupons digitally and combine them for wonderful savings!

Happy Shopping!

Questions Answered

Here are questions that I have been asked multiple times lately:

How do you buy meat?  Well, I do not mind buying it on managers special.  I take it home and freeze it or use it right away. I buy chicken when it is on sale, watch your ads.  I also support my daughters schools marketday and buy some meats through that.  I even buy it at full price. 

How do you purchase milk?  CVS often runs specials, buy 1 DEANS milk for $2.99 they give you one reward buck.  It is like paying $1.99.  Also, when a store like Kroger has too much milk they will clearance some down.  Thanks to a friends find I just purchase two gallons of chocolate milk for .99 cents a gallon.  That was two days ago and expiration wasn’t until June 7th.

Do you use all of this “stuff”?  YES! 🙂  If I didn’t, don’t, or won’t it is shared with family and friends or donated, even if I will, I share.  I feel good being able to give to those who give so much to me.  We are actually going to donate cat food to the humane society on Monday in  honor of my youngest daughter’s birthday, she is a HUGE animal lover.

Do you “hoard”?  No, I do not.  I just started this.  What I have is building a nice “base” in my house.  My husband has been laid off every winter for the past few years, this will definitely help us through that time!  But I will never be the lady with 1,000 rolls of toilet paper under my kids bed…although my daughter has asked me about that!(we saw it on extreme couponing)

How do you get all the items you need while grocery shopping?  I don’t always.  I go in after the best deals, what I can get the cheapest.  As the weeks have gone by I have a nice variety of things to put together and make different meals. 

Are you really saving that much money?  Yes, in more ways than one.  I used to spend $140 weekly on grocerys at Walmart, just meals and my husbands items for work, when I needed laundry detergent it was more.  I would then go in walmart an additional 3-4 times a week and buy random things just to shop, spending money I shouldn’t.  It was no big deal for the  kids and I to grab fast food a couple times a week.  I now go to walmart only when I have to, it pains me to buy anything without a coupon so I stopped buying things just “because”, and we rarely eat out.  After I spent $12 at Marsh on $80 worth of food and then went to wendys and spent $17 on two value meals and 3 orders of 5 piece nuggets….I was finished wasting that money!

Why don’t you just price match at walmart?  Walmart does not double coupons.  They also do not offer “reward bucks”.  Marsh and Kroger double coupons that are fifty cents and under.  CVS and Walgreens offer reward bucks.  I almost only purchase shampoo, conditioner, toothpaste, listerine…basically all health and beauty items at one of those two stores thanks to the reward bucks.  You can set your cart up into a few different orders.  Purchase your first “order”, then apply your ‘reward bucks’ to the next order, keep the cycle going.  I pay under two dollars for large bottles of listerine.  I rarely pay more than a dollar for a box of toothpaste(crest, colgate, sensodyne, arm and hammer)

Where do you get your coupons?  The Sunday newspaper.  I look through it to make sure the coupons are there, as I’m scanning it if I notice a coupon for a product I like or know is on sale I buy multiple coupons.  Online, there are many websites that offer coupons.  Ebay, if there is an item on sale and I can get a “lot” of coupons cheap I will purchase them.  Friends, neighbors, and family give me coupons they don’t need.  At the store, by the item, on the display there are usually some coupons somewhere in the store.  Store websites, at marshs’ website and on, (meijer), you can load “digital coupons” to your store cards.  Marsh also offers a free item weekly with every $50 purchase.  Last week it was johnsville sausages, this week it is Lays chips.

I am learning myself, but if you have any questions I didn’t answer let me know.  I have some friends who are good at this and help me along the way! 


Marsh Mega Sale

Make sure you grab an ad and check out the Marsh Mega Sale.  For every ten items you buy from the mega sale list you get $5 off your order upon checkout AND a $5 coupon prints at the bottom of your receipt for you to spend next week! 

There are many coupons that coincide with the mega sale items.  “Like” Yoplait Smoothie on facebook and print a $1 off coupon making it .99 to buy as part of the mega ten.  Get on and print out the “old el paso tortilla stuffers” coupon and you will pay .99 cents for that as well.  My favorite deal as part of the mega sale….GATORADE!!  32oz Gatorade for .59 cents a piece.  Buy 10 your total before tax is $5.90, checkout and you get $5 back…it is like you are paying under a dollar for TEN 32oz bottles of GATORADE!  My husband goes through a couple bottles a day…this is an AMAZING deal for my family!  Also, there is NO LIMIT.   I was at Marsh twice today.  The first time I took a picture of my “haul”, it is posted below.  I purchased 41 bottles of Gatorade, 17 boxes of chex cereal bars, 10 bags of Resers breakfast potatoes, 5 lunchables, 3 packages of buns, 3 jugs of sweet tea, 4 packages of jello pudding/temptations, 2 boxes of magnum ice cream bars, 1 1/2lbs pulled bbq chicken, 1/2lbs broccoli salad, 2 boxes of Keebler Graham Crackers, 2 packages of Old El Paso Tortilla Stuffers, 4 bags of Yoplait Smoothie makers, 1 bag of Lays chips.   My total before coupons and the mega sale prices was $162.77, after the mega sale discount it came down to $127.77, after $23.80 in coupons, $8.50 in doubling coupons, $76.78 by using my marsh card, and a misc. saving of $3.78 I paid $91.69!  I also received $35 in $5 rewards, for using the mega ten sale, to spend next week!  A total savings of 67%.  I used coupons on the magnum ice cream bars, the jello, the graham crackers, the cereal bars, the buns, the tortilla stuffers, the yoplait smoothie, and the lays chips.  The lays chips I printed off of Marsh’s website.  It is their free item for spending more the $50 in store. The yoplait came from facebook, the tortilla stuffers came from, the graham crackers came off a box of graham crackers, the magnum ice cream came from a paper, the pudding came from the newspaper, the sweet tea came from the newspaper, as did the buns.  I purchased the cereal bars off of ebay.  They are a big hit in my house.  Marsh has them on sale for $1.99 and my coupon was for .50 off each box, which doubles to $1 off.  I paid .99 cents per box.

I went back to marsh this evening to pick up a few things for my daughters third birthday party and ended up grabbing 28 more bottles of Gatorade and 2 more packages of tortilla stuffers.  I met two nice ladies in the Gatorade aisle….so hello ladies!  I hope you found big savings!  I also hope this blog helps you save!

Online Coupons  ($10 worth of coupons will be mailed to your home)!/Rayovac  $1 off coupon , plus 2 more coupons.  I believe walmart sells a 4 pack for .98  cents  $1 off any Eucerin product.  You can print two coupons per computer. Gold Bond Lotion coupon  coupon off blue diamond nuts.  onsale at cvs this week BOGO  This has a coupon for cereal bars which are on sale at Marsh for $1.99, after coupon you will pay $1.39 a box! you can print two coupons. 1 is for .75 off any 3 single serve horizon organic milk singes, will be on sale at kroger begining today 10/$10 or so much off a half gallon

In the June 6th issue of PEOPLE magazine you can get a $1 off coupon for Curly’s Pulled Barbecue coupons for advil, preperation h, robotussin, centrum…  $1 off All laundry detergent $2.99 at Kroger this week…with coupon $1.99 $1 off Snuggle which is on sale at Kroger this week for $2.99, with coupon only pay $1.99



Spent  a total of $69.51, saved $128.09.  I had to do two transactions.  I also got to go to the Kroger gas station and save .40 cents per gallon thanks to earning 400 points this month at Kroger!

Here’s my breakdown:

32 containers of Lemonade, Pink Lemonade, Kool Aid, and Tang $1 a piece, I had a BOGO coupon for 16.  So I only paid for half of these

7 bags of Almond Slivers, $1.79 apiece.  I had 5 coupons for $1 off and 1 coupon for $1 off 2

2 Kraft Block Cheese $1.79 a piece with a store coupon

1 lb package of Ekridge Bologna on sale $1

1 heinze ketchup $1.99, I had a .50 cent coupon that doubled

6 Tide to Go sticks, $2.99 a piece, I had a $1 off coupon for each of them

8 packs of Trident Vitality Gum $1.29 a piece, 4 Buy one get one free coupons

2 YoPlait Splitz on managers special for $1.09 apiece and I had a .75 cent off coupon

1 Chip In on sale $2.99 I had a $1 off coupon

1 Lamasil foot cream, $10 marked down to $5.99, I had a $3 off coupon

1 big slice cheese, i had $1 off coupon

2 Tide Stain Release bottles $7.89 a piece, 2 $3 off coupons

1 Bounce marked down to $4.39 ( I didn’t have a coupon to use right now.  But by buying the 2 tide stain release and the 1 bounce I get to mail in a $5 rebate! So, combining the 2 tide stain release and the bounce the total was $20.14, take away the $6 in coupons and we are down to $14.14, then add the $5 rebate it is like I paid $9.14 for all three of those!  All three are the largest containers the store had.)

I eggland best organic egg, marked down to $1.39, I had a fifty cent off coupon which doubled


Best Coupon Weekend EVER!

This weekend Marsh was offering TRIPLE COUPONS $1 AND UNDER!!!  I had SO much fun! 

 I was at Marsh, 2 times Friday, 2 times Saturday, 2 times Sunday, and 1 Monday.  I would find more coupons I could have used every time I came home from a trip! 

I brought home about $1,000 worth of merchandise for around $150!  I bought everything from fresh produce, to cleaning products, dairy items, lunchables, breakfast sausage, snacks, 20 oz sodas…  Oh how nice it is when they triple coupons…I was having totals that would keep up with the ladies on extreme couponing!  I always wondered how they had a 96% or 101% savings…now I see!  I even had my own 93%!!  Lots of savings in the eighty percent this weekend!

My one bad experience and this is a warning to you all because I didn’t know it mattered.  Friday night I had around $250 worth of merchandise in my cart.  I was keeping very good track of my items.  I had a piece of  paper I was writing the item, total, subtracting the coupon and writing what I should pay, circling it.  Towards the end I stopped keeping exact track of what I would pay.  If I was going to pay under .75 cents for the item, I’d round-up to $1 on my grand total.  I get to the cashier and hand her my Marsh card first.  I then hand her my bags, for my five cents a piece discount, and then began putting my items on the belt.  She finishes scanning my items and was in 31 coupons in when I grab my marsh card to put it up.  She tells me she needs it she never scanned it!  She gives me my grand total of $9x.xx!!  I thought it should have been around $50!!  I pay and go to the service desk.  The man said something along the terms of, “I don’t know what to tell you other than she should have scanned your Marsh card first.”  I said, “Can you fix it?!  This is at least $40.00 we are talking about.”  He shrugged his shoulders while shaking his head No and went to answer the phone.  I was DISCOURAGED!  YES, that is STILL WONDERFUL savings, but I was showing my sister how to coupon and mad I didn’t do something right…thinking it was my fault.  I got home and studied my receipt, called a different store to ask about my suspicious and realized, the THIRTY ONE coupons she scanned BEFORE she scanned my card did NOT triple, she also did not give me my bag credit!  The next morning I went back asking them to correct the problem, they gave me $60.02 back!!!  I saw that man who would not help me a the customer service desk and that girl cashier again that weekend and avoided them.  I was not surprised to find that as another cashier was ringing me up she talked over me the whole time to the boy about her weekend.  She was a teenager so really, what I should I expect.  BUT, lets equal this out with a good experience.  While at the Marsh on 146th and 37 I had a WONDERFUL cashier.  She also was a teenager, but SO kind.  She smiled, even though the place was packed and the checkout lines were going forever.   She was excited about my total savings, talkative.  I had two orders, she also forgot to scan my marsh card until a few coupons in, but when she realized she forgot to scan it she immediately apologized and told me if I would go to customer service they would correct her mistake…hmm see the difference, it was only $12.20 at her store and she was apologetic and told me how to have it corrected.  $60.20 at the other store and I got shrugged shoulders and a brush off.  I’m not one of these people who have food and items shoved in every nook and cranny.  I don’t buy it simply because it’s cheap or free.  That may very well help determine if I will or will not buy it, but I have every intention of sharing while I do this.  I give some of my multiple coupons away and everything I buy we will eat or use or it will be donated.  I even bought cat food to donate to the Humane Society.  While I am shopping I will give coupons away as well.  This is a thrill for me.  A treasure hunt, if you will.  Some people want to keep it secret or want you to pay for their knowledge.  No, it’s free to all…you don’t need a class.  Cut coupons, call up a friend, and go save money!  If you have four of a coupon why not share one with someone who doesn’t have one?  Your rewards of smiles, kind thoughts, and the feeling you are doing good will feel much better than money in your pocket…especially saving so much on your trip anyway…why do you need more? 😉

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