Meijer 10/$10

Meijer is having it’s 10/$10 11th item Free sale.  I have compared my coupons to the sale items and will be going to get the following(remember you can get 11 items for $10 or in my case 22 items for $20):

12 Boxes of Suddenly Pasta Salad boxes ( I have 6 coupons for .50cents off 2 boxes.  The coupons will double)  I will pay $6 for these 12

3 bottles of Mentos gum (I have a $1 off 3 coupon) I will pay $2 for 3 bottles

4 Boxes of Pizza Rolls ( I have a .50cent off 4 boxes coupon, it will double) I will pay $3 for the 4 boxes

1lb Strawberries (no coupon) I will pay $1

1 organic baby cut carrots Free as one of my 11th items

1 orange bell pepper Free as my 2nd “11th item”

For all 22 items I will pay a total of $12 before tax!

Speaking of Meijer, I heard rumor that the mperks meijer offers will be used as store coupons meaning you can add your manufactures coupons on top of that.  I called today and it was confirmed by a manager.  You can get very good deals with this!  In this Sundays paper there were $1 off A1 sauce coupons, mperks is offering $1 off 2 bottles of A1.  Many coupons found on mperks are also on  You can print the coupons from and add the mperks coupons digitally and combine them for wonderful savings!

Happy Shopping!


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