Questions Answered

Here are questions that I have been asked multiple times lately:

How do you buy meat?  Well, I do not mind buying it on managers special.  I take it home and freeze it or use it right away. I buy chicken when it is on sale, watch your ads.  I also support my daughters schools marketday and buy some meats through that.  I even buy it at full price. 

How do you purchase milk?  CVS often runs specials, buy 1 DEANS milk for $2.99 they give you one reward buck.  It is like paying $1.99.  Also, when a store like Kroger has too much milk they will clearance some down.  Thanks to a friends find I just purchase two gallons of chocolate milk for .99 cents a gallon.  That was two days ago and expiration wasn’t until June 7th.

Do you use all of this “stuff”?  YES! 🙂  If I didn’t, don’t, or won’t it is shared with family and friends or donated, even if I will, I share.  I feel good being able to give to those who give so much to me.  We are actually going to donate cat food to the humane society on Monday in  honor of my youngest daughter’s birthday, she is a HUGE animal lover.

Do you “hoard”?  No, I do not.  I just started this.  What I have is building a nice “base” in my house.  My husband has been laid off every winter for the past few years, this will definitely help us through that time!  But I will never be the lady with 1,000 rolls of toilet paper under my kids bed…although my daughter has asked me about that!(we saw it on extreme couponing)

How do you get all the items you need while grocery shopping?  I don’t always.  I go in after the best deals, what I can get the cheapest.  As the weeks have gone by I have a nice variety of things to put together and make different meals. 

Are you really saving that much money?  Yes, in more ways than one.  I used to spend $140 weekly on grocerys at Walmart, just meals and my husbands items for work, when I needed laundry detergent it was more.  I would then go in walmart an additional 3-4 times a week and buy random things just to shop, spending money I shouldn’t.  It was no big deal for the  kids and I to grab fast food a couple times a week.  I now go to walmart only when I have to, it pains me to buy anything without a coupon so I stopped buying things just “because”, and we rarely eat out.  After I spent $12 at Marsh on $80 worth of food and then went to wendys and spent $17 on two value meals and 3 orders of 5 piece nuggets….I was finished wasting that money!

Why don’t you just price match at walmart?  Walmart does not double coupons.  They also do not offer “reward bucks”.  Marsh and Kroger double coupons that are fifty cents and under.  CVS and Walgreens offer reward bucks.  I almost only purchase shampoo, conditioner, toothpaste, listerine…basically all health and beauty items at one of those two stores thanks to the reward bucks.  You can set your cart up into a few different orders.  Purchase your first “order”, then apply your ‘reward bucks’ to the next order, keep the cycle going.  I pay under two dollars for large bottles of listerine.  I rarely pay more than a dollar for a box of toothpaste(crest, colgate, sensodyne, arm and hammer)

Where do you get your coupons?  The Sunday newspaper.  I look through it to make sure the coupons are there, as I’m scanning it if I notice a coupon for a product I like or know is on sale I buy multiple coupons.  Online, there are many websites that offer coupons.  Ebay, if there is an item on sale and I can get a “lot” of coupons cheap I will purchase them.  Friends, neighbors, and family give me coupons they don’t need.  At the store, by the item, on the display there are usually some coupons somewhere in the store.  Store websites, at marshs’ website and on, (meijer), you can load “digital coupons” to your store cards.  Marsh also offers a free item weekly with every $50 purchase.  Last week it was johnsville sausages, this week it is Lays chips.

I am learning myself, but if you have any questions I didn’t answer let me know.  I have some friends who are good at this and help me along the way! 



3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. hollie
    Jun 04, 2011 @ 05:13:21

    Here is a place to go for some cheap meat. If you have a fax machine they will fax you a “menu”. It’s Whites Meat Market in Tipton. They have really good prices. We spend $600 at one time and it will last us almost the whole year. We get whole chickens, bacon, and about 50 lbs of hamburger.

    Also, Walmart doesn’t price match sale items, only every day prices. I found this out last week.


    • natoshac
      Jun 04, 2011 @ 05:16:58


      They should have matched whatever you were trying to match. I feel that all of their cashiers think the policy is different, I actually have a printed out “matching gaurantee” printed out and take with me. I use to try to match the bogo deals with the prices listed and they wouldn’t do it…they should have. here is the link:

      I love White Meat Market! There is also one in Kokomo! Their 7 layer salad is WONDERFUL! I will have to look into the meat!! Thank you!


  2. hollie
    Jun 04, 2011 @ 06:18:55

    not a problem. All their salads are good and pretty cheap!!
    The info came from the customer service and that’s what they told another customer too while I was standing there. I don’t really like Walmart, I go there because is seems like a save more money comparted to a grocery store without coupons. Yes, Whites actually has 3 locations but I can’t remember where they are, we only go to Tipton. The have packages of meat and if you like a package but don’t want something in there you can replace it with something different. We don’t like there smoked sausage and we get their platter bacon, it is thicker. We love their whole chickens for the grill but you can have them chop it up and they package the meat the way you want it, like the hamburger they will ask you how many pounds per package!! Great customer service!!


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