Marsh Mega Sale

Make sure you grab an ad and check out the Marsh Mega Sale.  For every ten items you buy from the mega sale list you get $5 off your order upon checkout AND a $5 coupon prints at the bottom of your receipt for you to spend next week! 

There are many coupons that coincide with the mega sale items.  “Like” Yoplait Smoothie on facebook and print a $1 off coupon making it .99 to buy as part of the mega ten.  Get on and print out the “old el paso tortilla stuffers” coupon and you will pay .99 cents for that as well.  My favorite deal as part of the mega sale….GATORADE!!  32oz Gatorade for .59 cents a piece.  Buy 10 your total before tax is $5.90, checkout and you get $5 back…it is like you are paying under a dollar for TEN 32oz bottles of GATORADE!  My husband goes through a couple bottles a day…this is an AMAZING deal for my family!  Also, there is NO LIMIT.   I was at Marsh twice today.  The first time I took a picture of my “haul”, it is posted below.  I purchased 41 bottles of Gatorade, 17 boxes of chex cereal bars, 10 bags of Resers breakfast potatoes, 5 lunchables, 3 packages of buns, 3 jugs of sweet tea, 4 packages of jello pudding/temptations, 2 boxes of magnum ice cream bars, 1 1/2lbs pulled bbq chicken, 1/2lbs broccoli salad, 2 boxes of Keebler Graham Crackers, 2 packages of Old El Paso Tortilla Stuffers, 4 bags of Yoplait Smoothie makers, 1 bag of Lays chips.   My total before coupons and the mega sale prices was $162.77, after the mega sale discount it came down to $127.77, after $23.80 in coupons, $8.50 in doubling coupons, $76.78 by using my marsh card, and a misc. saving of $3.78 I paid $91.69!  I also received $35 in $5 rewards, for using the mega ten sale, to spend next week!  A total savings of 67%.  I used coupons on the magnum ice cream bars, the jello, the graham crackers, the cereal bars, the buns, the tortilla stuffers, the yoplait smoothie, and the lays chips.  The lays chips I printed off of Marsh’s website.  It is their free item for spending more the $50 in store. The yoplait came from facebook, the tortilla stuffers came from, the graham crackers came off a box of graham crackers, the magnum ice cream came from a paper, the pudding came from the newspaper, the sweet tea came from the newspaper, as did the buns.  I purchased the cereal bars off of ebay.  They are a big hit in my house.  Marsh has them on sale for $1.99 and my coupon was for .50 off each box, which doubles to $1 off.  I paid .99 cents per box.

I went back to marsh this evening to pick up a few things for my daughters third birthday party and ended up grabbing 28 more bottles of Gatorade and 2 more packages of tortilla stuffers.  I met two nice ladies in the Gatorade aisle….so hello ladies!  I hope you found big savings!  I also hope this blog helps you save!


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