7 tubes of Pooh Bear Ring Pops(3 pops per tube) .24 cents a piece on clearance

3 butterfingers on sale 3/$1.55 used a 50cent off coupon cut from previous paper

3 100 grand on sale 3/$1.55 used 50 cent coupon from previous paper

1 disney scented bubbles on clearance 99 cents

1 small flower pot $1.99 no coupon

2 boxes of Turtles, $3.99 a piece no coupon

1 glade powder, 1 glade spay 2/$5, $1 register reward, 1.50 cents in coupons

1 tone body wash $3.99 with $3.00 back in register rewards

2 bags of 24 count forks clearanced to .49 cents a piece

4 bags of Hersheys Hugs Kisses (2 9oz bags, 2 12 oz bags) $1.48 a bag on clearance (VERY excited about finding this!)

All for $23.98.  got rewards back and catilina coupons 🙂


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