2 Proglide Power Fusion Gillette Razors

2 Old Spice Body Wash

1 Gillette Body Wash

3 small bags of m&ms

3 snack bags of Indiana Popcorn

all for a total of $13.10 and $5 in Register Rewards!


1 carton of eggs (no coupon)

1 package Hillshire Farm Turkey (manager special no coupon)

1 Dog food (manager special, no coupon)

1 Coffee Cake (manager special, no coupon)

1 Box Cake Mix (no coupon)

8 Kraft BBQ sauce (8 .45 cent off coupons, “doubled” making them free)

1 container Icing (.50 cent off coupon previous week Sunday paper)

1 Kens Dressing ( $1 off coupon from last weeks Sunday paper)

4 Power Bars (2 BOGO coupons)

1 box Moms Best Nature Cereal (.75 cent off coupon from website)

1 box Rozoni Pasta ($1 off coupon in this Sunday Star)

1 Silk Almond Milk (on special, $1 off coupon from a box of nutrigrain bars)

At a sixty some percent savings I spent only $12.95.  I saved $9.75 with manufacturers coupons, $1.52 due to them “doubling” some coupons, $9.64 with the Kroger Plus Card for a total savings of $20.91


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