May 12th, CVS, Kroger and a new coupon policy?!


2 SoBe life waters $1.49 a piece.  I had 2 coupons for $1 off each.  I picked the coupons up off a display

1 butterfinger snacker.  This is one of the first coupons I ever printed offline.  I found it in a coupon search

5 Butterfingers and 5 BabyRuths.  On sale 2/$1  I had cut out a 50cent off 2 candy bars from the Indy Star last week. I used 5 coupons and they doubled to $1 off each coupon making the bars free

4 packages of lunch meat loaf on the 10 for $10 sale.  Each package has a 25cent off coupon attached to it, which doubled each coupon bringing my total for the 4 packages to $2

4 Powerbars.  as part of the 10/$10 they were a dollar a piece.  I used two buy one get one free coupons.

My total was $24.49 and I only paid $5.07!  BUT the cashier told me of KROGERS new coupon Policy even though she didn’t enforce it, THANKFULLY!


They will only double 2 coupons throughout your entire order!  I saved all that money on the above transaction by doubling my coupons….are we to hold up the line by doing so many separate transactions?!  And sometimes that’s not possible because of the 10/$10 or Mega Ten Deals!  She said that this became policy last week but she learnt of it only yesterday in a conference.  It will take some time for all cashiers to be notified and remember.


I feel like I don’t do as well away from Kroger.  I tried my hand at CVS today.  I bought the two pack of toothpaste and received $3 cvs reward bucks, the 2 Herbal Essence got me $2 reward bucks, 1 Deans Milk which earned me $1 Reward Buck.  Out of Pocket I paid $10.18 and still have $1 Reward Buck left. I had a coupon for the shampoo, toothpaste, and b1g1 candy bar.  I saved $11!  OH!  I wanted to thank my cashiers for being patient with me at CVS!  They were two of the politest cashiers I’ve dealt with in a while!  Hello you two!  I hope you find this helpful 🙂


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