Finding Coupons

Where do I find my coupons is the question I am asked the most.   Well, I’ll tell you everywhere I find them but one place.  That’s my “honey hole”.  I don’t get a ton of coupons there, but I get a few and I’d rather not share 🙂  But you will discover your own as you master these small skills and start “out-couponing” me!


I buy the Sunday Star every Sunday.  While I’m standing at Walmart where I purchase the paper for $1.75, I flip through the paper making sure that the coupons are in the paper and have not been taken.  As I scan through the coupon pages I get a small taste of what coupons are up for grabs this week.  If they look like things I can use, or have seen in an ad, I buy two or three papers.   At $1.75 it is not hard to cover the cost of the paper with savings from the coupons.  I come home and clip EVERY coupon, even if I don’t think I will use it.  You never know what will go on sale, what someone in your family will end up needing/wanting, what you will find on clearance and just MUST buy because your coupon will make it free plus give you some money!  I also have a neighbor that gives me the Sunday coupons she does not want.  ASK, if your neighbor gets a paper just to read it and is recycling the coupons…what better way to recycle than give them to you to help you save some green!  You can always give them one item of your savings weekly…which reminds me, I have yet to give this neighbor anything!  I better make up for that!


I have bought coupons off of ebay three times.  Last night was my second and third time.  The first time, I bought $5 off coupons to Khols.  I paid $6 for $50 worth of coupons.  With those coupons I gave two away,  bought my 2 year old a $30 pair of rain boots for $1.06, bought $20 picture frames which I paid under $4 for each one, bought myself a $30 pair of Capris for $11, and my husband a $11 shirt for less than $2.  Last night I purchased TWENTY coupons for .45 cents off Kraft BBQ sauce.  Lets do the math here.  IF they arrive before Kraft BBQ sauce goes off sale at Kroger I will purchase 1 bbq sauce at .59 cents, I have a coupon for .45 off 1 bottle which will double to .90 cents.  I will be “paid” .31 cents to buy a bottle of BBQ sauce from the store!  Now, lets take out the price I paid for the coupons and see if it was worth it. 20 coupons times their worth of .90 cents(they will each double to .90 cents) equals $18.    20 bottles of BBQ sauce at .59 cents a bottle will total $11.80.  That would be a savings of $6.20 had I clipped these all myself but I didn’t.  Last night I paid someone on ebay for their time clipping  and shipping me this bundle of coupons.  I paid a total of $4.40 for “clipping and shipping”.  Subtracting that from the $6.20, I will end up getting 20 bottles of BBQ sauce TOTALLY FREE and get $1.80 “back”.  NOW, some stores equal the coupon to your total.  But that I mean, my .90 coupon would be dropped down to the .59 cents it cost.  At Kroger they always have applied the full amount for me.  So the savings just roll on and that is what I mean by “paid” or “money back”, it is still taken off my total! I want to take a minute to touch on this.  Some may say, why do you need 20 bottles of BBQ sauce?  Well that answer is simple, BRAYDEN.  He is my five year old son that has barely touched ketchup since he learnt it is made from tomatoes.  BBQ sauce is his condiment of choice and we go through a bottle a week EASY.  Will I keep all 20 bottles? NO.  I will share with others, donate to a food pantry, but I will probably keep 10 of them, with Braydens 1 a week and summer grilling, they will not go to waste!  The 3rd coupon I bought from ebay is 20 $1 off Mitchum deodorant.  I do not believe these will arrive before they go off special at Walgreens, but if they do, I can add my 20 $1 off manufacturer coupons to 20 in store coupons of .99 cents off and pay .99 per stick of deodorant.  My husband uses this brand faithfully, so even if I do not catch it on the walgreens sale, it is worth it to me.  I will be buying this twice a month anyway, might as well get a dollar off each time!   Now, if you go on ebay and buy coupons do some research.  Know how much you are going to save with them.  DO NOT get caught up in a “bidding war”.  You are bidding on coupons, NOT rare items!  Last night while scrolling I saw some things that people were “waring” on.  2 coupons that each said value not to exceed $7, so they could save no more than $14.  The total was already over $14 AND they would pay shipping.   I am not telling you to go buy on ebay.  It was something that was suggested to me and until I have bad luck with it I will do it from time to time.  I have only purchased from people with 97% positive feedback or better.  That makes me feel a little better!


Now, we all have our tricks, our one place we get more coupons than anywhere else, or at least coupons we didn’t have already.  Without revealing mine, here are some things I’ve heard.  Dumpster Diving, taking the paper that was left at an empty home (empty for sale, foreclosed, renters moved), having your children’s schoolmates collect them, Freecycle asking for them…the list goes on.  You will find something eventually.  Maybe you work at an office and end up asking everyone for their coupons.  Every Monday you make walk out of work with 10 of every coupon from the Sunday star…what a great thing that would be!


Smartsource and redplum come in the mail.  There are often many coupons on them, again, clip them, hold on to them while you browse the ad and the store. Now, it’s not coupons, but in the mail you will get your store ads.  KEEP THEM.  Compare your coupons to their sale items, this is going to get you the big savings!  In the drug store ads, there are usually coupons for deals or for reward bucks.


As you head into the couponing world you will hear the name CATALINA.  I initially thought the salad dressing or a brand I had never heard of!  Catalina is actually the coupons that are printed out with your receipt at places like Kroger and Meijer. You can get some good ones so watch for them!


You can sign up at many manufactures websites and they will email coupons every so often.


When you “like” certain pages they will send a coupon to your printer!  Watch for these.


When I see an item I am interested in I and I do not have a coupon I will google it.  I have never and will never pay to be on a couponing site.  You can make your own choice in that matter.  I have never entered my information onto any site that was not the actual manufacturers page.


Places such as, Meijer, Kroger, and Marsh allow you to add digital coupons from their website to your store card.  At Meijer you set it up online and enter your cell number.  You don’t have to worry about carrying paper coupons with you!


I check COUPONS.COM faithfully.  I also check IHEARTKROGER.COM.  As you google coupons you will come across some you website you like, bookmark them and check them often.  I have a few pages on facebook I have “liked” so I get them on my newsfeed two of my favorite are:  The Krazy Coupon Lady and Coupon MOM.

AND REMEMBER, WATCH FOR THE STORES THAT DOUBLE COUPONS!  Walmart may price match, but they DO NOT double.  Kroger and Marsh do, not sure of others. 

Please remember for those of you local to me, those of you not, check with your local Post Office, this Saturday is their food drive.  With all of your savings give an extra item or two 🙂 

Happy Shopping!!


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