Couponing, how I got started

A page from my binder

One night there was nothing on tv so I stopped at EXTREME COUPONING. I watched the episode and was FLOORED!  Really, $4000.00 worth or cereal for under $150!!?  Usually, I have a coupon, apply it to my total at walmart and that’s the end of it.  Why did it never occur to me to look for deals at other stores and get a better deal?

So, that night I jumped online and googled some coupons.  I started with,,    I then checked the kroger ad.  At first I was disappointed because I would make my grocery list and then look for coupons.  Now I look in the ad, find coupons to match, prepare my meals around that!  I mainly shop at Kroger and Walgreens now!

My recommendation to you to get started is to start printing coupons offline.  When Sunday comes, get your paper and cut EVERY coupon out!  You may not want or think you will use something, but once you do this and become addicted you may buy something because you can get it for a quarter!  I bought a 3 ring binder, purple of course, and some baseball card organizers.  I fold  the coupons in half and place them back to back in the binder.  You can organize them however you like; by date of expiration, by aisle in the store, alphabetical if you fancy, it’s up to you.  I put all grocery items in one section, household cleaners in another, medicines in a third, and so on. 

Get your local store ads and compare your coupons to items on sale in them.  Watch for
“mega sales” and 10/$10 items, that’s where I have the greatest luck!  Walgreens and CVS have rewards bucks.  When you buy certain items you get a certain amount of money back on your next purchase.  Also, watch for store coupons.  If you have a walgreens coupon for deodorant and you also have a manufacturer coupon for the same item you can use them both.  My local Kroger and Marsh, double all coupons up to and including .50 cent coupons.  You can also google a certain item you are looking for and you may get lucky and coupon links will pop up.   Also, if you “like” certain product pages on facebook they will give you a coupon.  Certain manufacturers offer coupons on their home pages.

When I go shopping I make a list beforehand. I know exactly what I am after and do not stray from my list.  I write down how much regular price is, how much my coupon is worth, and finally what my final total for the item should be.  I tell the kids ahead of time, “ASK FOR NOTHING, mom is on a mission!”.  I also take my coupon binder incase there is a special in store that was not in the ad or incase something is on clearance and I have a coupon!

If I can be of more assistance let me know!


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