New Passion

Since my last post I have done almost nothing other than make tutu’s and hairbows!  It started as something to keep the kids and I busy during a snow day and it turned into a passion! 

I made Tutu’s for all the girls in my family for Christmas and hairbows as well.  The funny thing is, my girls don’t wear hairbows.  I need to get them to start or find somewhere I can donate them!  I would love to sell them but I know I don’t have this down to a fine art yet! 

It is fairly inexpensive to make bows.  For $3.99 at Hobby Lobby you can buy 24 small barretts.  Ribbon has been 50% off for a few weeks now at the same store.  You can also print a 40% off coupon from their website.  I have found that all Christmas ribbon is 70% at Joanne Fabrics at the moment.  They have all colors and variety’s, some looks as if it has nothing to do with Christmas.  I am excited to see the price of that ribbon after the holiday!  Aside from the ribbon and barretts all you really need is a mini glue gun with glue sticks, a needle and thread(if you don’t like to sew, the glue gun alone will do the trick).  Once you get the hang of it you can add-on buttons, beads, jewels…anything that you think will look good!

I am glad to have something that I can do, and enjoy doing, that I see my daughter find pride in.  She seems to love what I am making and is very interested in helping and making her own!

If you are interested in trying your hand at some bows I can link you to some websites that have guided me.  Same with the tutu’s!


Snow Day Crafts

This week we had an unexpected snow day.  What to do to entertain the kids is the first thing that crosses my mind when I see our school system flash across the bottom of the morning news.

This week we made birdhouses, tutus, and ornaments for the tree.

I had birdhouses on hand I had purchased from JoAnn Fabrics for $1 apiece.  We painted those to give as gifts to my children’s great grandparents who are bird lovers.  The kids LOVE this!  They get to paint and create a masterpiece that will be used as a gift.

We tried our hand at tutu making and fell in love!  Toile is rather inexpensive around here.  We purchased it for $1.09 a yard at our local Hobby Lobby and $1.37 for a yard of elastic for the waist band.  A small amount of sewing(there are ways to not have to sew at all), cutting, and tieing and you have a simple tutu that is fit for your little princess, fairy, or ballerina!

Lastly, we made ornaments for our tree.  With some white cardstock and paint we made Christmas trees.  I painted the kids hands green, then stuck it on the cardstock.  Let it dry, let the kids dip their pointer fingers in the paint and dab it on the tree to make the ornaments.  Punch a hole in the top, tie it up with some ribbon, or in our case pipe cleaner, and wah-la! A homemade ornament that leaves you with their handprint to treasure forever!

Small Town Service, in not such a small town

While I can’t sit here and tell you that you will save money shopping at Schwartz Bait and Tackle, in Noblesville, IN, I can tell you that you will receive the almost non-existent “small town service”.

While shopping, I needed to use my debit card.  As many small business’ do, I was required to purchase a minimum amount in order to use my card.  I told the cashier I would grab a drink from the cooler.  While there,  I grabbed a bottle of soda when I noticed an “old-time” Coca-Cola glass bottle.  I grabbed that as well and headed back to the cashier.  He had already checked me out including only one soda.  I apologized and went to return the glass bottle when I was stopped and told to, “take it, enjoy it, and stop back by and pay for it whenever I remembered”.

As much as I shop at chain stores and enjoy their discounts, I would NEVER hear that from one of them.  It was nice to shop in a “mom and pop” owned store and experience that friendly, trusting relationship that is missing from our communities these days!

Indiana Pacers’ Kids Club

Watching the local news one Sunday in October, I saw the Indiana Pacers were holding a free event.  “Meet the Pacers, enjoy a free lunch, free parking, free gifts, FREE FUN.” said the reporter.  Count us in, I thought!  If it’s free we will try it! 

I took my two oldest children, ages 4 and 6, and headed downtown Indianapolis to Conseco Fieldhouse.  We received drawstring Pacer backpacks, lunch, face painting, balloons, we made caramel apples, jumped in bounce houses, met many people from the Pacers organizations, sat court side, had our pictures taken, shot baskets on the court, watched the Pacer players make fools of themselves, all for FREE.  While there they had a table set up for the Pacers Kids Club.  Normally priced at $10 a kid, discounted to $5 for the day.  I signed them both up.  In their welcome packages they received, apiece, 20 tickets to Pacer games, discounted tickets for mom and dad, a kids club t-shirt, a personalized lanyard, a pencil, bracelet, a schedule poster, a Pacers pennant, and boomer stickers.  That alone was worth the $5 to me.  But it doesn’t stop there.  At one game a month they get something special.  Photographs with the players, autographs, locker room tours, party with the pacemates, Birthday party with Boomer, pizza parties, the list keeps going.  Not to mention that at each game they have specials going on in the store, they have a wheel you can spin for prizes, a magician, and a balloon maker.  They also shoot shirts from a cannon, and do special give aways in the stands.

Everyone we have encountered at Conseco Fieldhouse has been kind and helpful, from the workers to the fans.  We have been fortunate.  As the months have gone on we have become huge Pacer fans.  The kids dress up and are often stopped by staff  and fans complementing them on their attire and team spirit.

We do spend $25 a game.  We pay $12 to park, you can find parking cheaper, but we pay to park in the garage that has a skywalk attached to the Fieldhouse.  We spend $6 on a bottomless soda that comes in a collectible cup and $7 on a bottomless bucket of popcorn that is served in a reusable bucket.

On top of these discounts, this has bonded my children and I.  Colts fans first, they now beg to watch a Pacers game on TV.  They have learnt the names of some of the players, they chant and cheer, and they are learning some of lifes little lessons.


Sit back, put away your checkbook, and enjoy!

Hello!  I am Natosha, a stay at home mom to three young children.

I am often told that my children and I are always having fun.  Well, we have fun on a tight budget!  I thought I would share our findings with you, the whole shabang!  The discounts we recieve, how we feel about the people we encounter, the service they give us, and if we recommend it to you or not!

Please feel free to share your findings here as well!